Experts: No Link Between Asperger’s, Violence

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NEWYORK (AP) — An official says the gunman in the Connecticut schoolshooting had Asperger’s syndrome, but experts say there’s noconnection between the disorder and violent behavior.

Asperger’sis a mild form of autism often characterized by social awkwardness.

Alaw enforcement official says Adam Lanza had been diagnosed withAsperger’s. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because theperson was not authorized to discuss the unfolding investigation.

Columbus,Ohio, psychologist Eric Butter says research suggests people withautism have a higher rate of aggressive behavior than the generalpopulation. He says this includes outbursts, shoving or angryshouting, but typically does not include planned, intentionalviolence.

Highschool classmates say Lanza was bright but painfully shy, anxious anda loner. Butter says those characteristics are consistent withAsperger’s.

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