One hardworking new owner gets the keys to her home.

A special home dedication was Thursday night as the owner of the Eyewitness News Habitat for Humanity home was given the keys to her new house.

Eyewitness News is proud to have now helped five families received affordable housing.

A large crowd gathered around Leah Jones as she cut the ribbon on her new home.

Jones rented for more than a decade and says Habitat homeownership means stability, security and more money for her family.

A busy working mom of four, who also goes to school, put in hundreds of hours of work building her home and others.

“When you put in the work, it makes you appreciate what you got that much more. And take care of it and want to build on. Yeah, it’s just a blessing,” Jones said.

Not only is this Eyewitness News’ fifth home it has sponsored, but it’s Habitat’s 491st as they race to their goal of 500.

Back in the News 25 days, WEHT sponsored a home in the New Haven Subdivision.


Amy Mangold: brad and shelly, we are here on Virginia Street and in just a few moments we will hear from Habit for Humanities of Evansville executive director Beth Folz and we’ll also hear from Eyewitness News’ General Manager Curt Molander, who will be dedicating this home, who will be cutting the ribbon, and giving the keys to our new homeowner Leah Jones and her four children. Of course, we introduced you to Leah and her four kids back in May. And Leah this has been a wonderful journey for you, hasn’t it?

Leah Jones: yes, it has, it has. Last time we were here there was no foundation or nothing, and now I have walls and everything I need for me and the kids.

AM: well, let’s walk through here, I know you have a crowd of people here to support you tonight. We want to walk through this beautiful home. You’ve worked so hard for this, tell us a little bit about what it takes to become a habitat homeowner.

LJ: well, it takes dedication, wanting to straighten your credit up, do whatever you need to stay in it, uhm sweat equity – 300 hours of sweat equity, uh, community, volunteering – money management classes. Everything that gives you the tools you need to get in and keep your home.

AM: well, we have Jasylis, Ahmira, Mario and Legend – your children here and also a lot of people helping you celebrate this day. Tell us who’s here to help you celebrate.

LJ: I have my favorite neighbors from across the street – uh – I have my neighbors that are on my block. I have my fellow, uh, homeowners from the Habitat program. My mom, dad, my grandmother, uh, my grandfather… my aunt, just everybody that came to support me. I’m happy.

AM: well, it’s beautiful home, I know you have put in so much work into this house – the floor is gorgeous, tell us a little bit as we walk through.

LJ: uh, well, I got vinyl throughout because me and the kids have allergies, but I did all the colors, I picked the flooring and I have the pretty blue in there.

AM: And then whose room will this be?

LJ: uhm, this is gonna be my daughter’s room – it’s the biggest besides mine.

AM: alright and our next couple of rooms

LJ: uhm, this is gonna be my boys’ room – they have a walk-in closet they can share

AM: alright and of course we talked about 300 hours of sweat equity and this is going to make a big impact in your life. And we’re going to get ready to cut the ribbon in just a few moments, dedicating this new home to Leah Jones. Back to you.

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(This story was originally published on November 8, 2018)