Posters with a picture of Megan Nichols, 15, have been seen around Fairfield, Illinois since July of 2014 when she first vanished.

But now a new poster hangs in the small southern Illinois town, one telling everyone that this is no longer a missing persons case.

About a month ago, a body was discovered on property in rural wayne county, about 10 miles southwest of Fairfield.

The FBI has identified the remains as Megan Nichols.

“Closure,” said Fairfield resident J. Bishop, “I mean that’s a simple word for that and it’s awful and everybody hopes for the best, but you know they were hopefully prepared for the worst and the worst comes and what are you going to do.” 

The Wayne County Sheriffs Department and Illinois State Police both directed any and all questions to the FBI, but the bureau had no further comment on the investigation.

However, The FBI and the Sheriff’s Department continue to ask for tips and information regarding Nichols’s disappearance.