Family, friends walk in memory of lost loved one


PIKE COUNTY, Ind. (WEHT)- The Coronavirus pandemic moved the 2020 Susan G Komen More Than Pink Walk to a virtual event. That has given teams the opportunity to walk wherever and whenever they want.

A Pike County team took the opportunity to do their walk Sunday to the gravesite of Andrea Hoffman, the woman they walk for.

A time for old friends to remember the woman they lost and the memories they cherish.

‘We were in miss pike county together with Andrea and she would never take it seriously. Like we were always goofing up, getting in trouble,” Dawn Biesterveld says.

Leading the walk, Andrea Hoffman’s now 18-year-old son Corbin. The one who pushed his mother to get a mammogram, by making a joke.

“I told my mom has she ever been get tested and she said no she’s 30 and I said well she looks 40 so you should go get tested,” Corbin explains.

He was around ten at the time. After that exam, the family learned Andrea had breast cancer. We spoke with Andrea and her family while she was fighting in 2016.

“But we have hope and we have god and we have each other,” Andrea says to Corbin.

A few months after this interview Andrea passed away. Now Corbin says he has another reason to fight, “my mom’s fight is over but my sister now has a higher risk for breast cancer. I simply don’t want to see her go through the same thing my mom died. So I really fight for her now.”

Carrying a reminder of them with him.

“When I have that on I still feel like not only that she’s with me but both of them are with me. And that I have the strength,” he says. “Strength to keep going, strength to keep fighting. To continue on whenever things are difficult. Not just with this stuff but life in general.”

As he walks, Corbin remembers his mom, and a day she surprised him at school, “I don’t think my mom as a person I was beaten down some days and got back up. I think of her as that person who met me in the hallway and was just so happy to see me again and I was happy to see her.”

From above the view Andrea has of her army, orange shirts in her memory. Back on the ground a family who propels her story forward.

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(This story was originally published on September 20, 2020)

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