EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – For six and a half years, Charles Brown and his family have been fighting for justice. 15-year-old Logan Brown was killed in a car wreck involving a drunk driver on University Parkway in March of 2015. According to court records — that driver had been at a party at Burdette Park. Brown’s family filed a lawsuit against Burdette in 2017, asking for change.

“We want change in their contracts, we wanted change in the city, we wanted change in the county. So every time you rent anything within the community, there’s a contract involved. Ultimately I think we have a due diligence to protect the people. And in those contracts we wanted them to put verbiage in there that said we would have safe ride plans and identify ways for people to get home,” said Charles Brown, Logan’s father.

Brown said they also wanted a portion of University Parkway to be dedicated to Logan in his memory. On September 28, the long-awaited results were made final. The case went before a jury and it was dismissed.

“On Tuesday all that came to an end. And you know, it’s a surreal feeling because I’ve been fighting for Logan for six and a half years and now I don’t have anything to fight for on his behalf. So now all my efforts need to go towards fighting for this community. And I will put everything that I have just the same that I did for him into the community that we live in and fight for everybody else’s kids… Ultimately, we didn’t prevail in the lawsuit, but I think that we did bring about the identification of where the shortcomings came. There’s so many people before us and so many people after us that it’s going to happen to. So what we did was we laid the ground work to continue change,” added Brown.

He said although they didn’t get the results they wanted, they were glad they were able to make it as far as they did.

“We almost broke that barrier this time. And the next person probably will be the person to break it. And our hope and our dream through all of this is that there’s never a next person.”

Brown said his family ultimately wants the community to be able to learn from their story.

“Even if we’re not involved in that change, i hope that they take what they learn from this and they implement that within their policies.”

His organization, Logan’s Promise, will be sponsoring the safe-drive program for SWIRCA’s Brewfest on October 16.