POSEYVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – A Posey County family now has a home to call their own after a home dedication ceremony from the Habitat for Humanity of Evansville. The project was the first Habitat home constructed in Poseyville. The six bedroom house will hold parents Mario and Jessica along with their six children. For Mario, the work of Habitat volunteers highlighted the kindness of the Poseyville community.

“They opened my eyes and restored my faith in humanity, says Mario. “They’re just so generous.”

“I came to paint one day and there was 24 people here to help paint,” recalls Jessica. “I cried. It took my breath away.”

The journey for the Orlando’s has been tough, and Jessica says the home dedication means more to the children than to the parents.

“We haven’t lived in normal places,” says Jessica. “We rented, we’ve done different things, and this house means so much to our kids. They finally get to have a normal home.”

“I haven’t had a big house with my own room,” adds son Mason, “so this is going to be very exciting for me.” His sister, Miley, adds, “I’ve always lived with my grandparents. Knowing we’re going to live in a house all together, it’s very exciting.”

The children say they have already picked out their rooms ahead of the family’s move-in day.

“I remember seeing my room just with wood up, and now it has actual walls,” says Mariah.

The family also says they are excited to create new memories in their home.

“All of us being together,” says Madison. “Honestly, that’s all I can ask for really.” Mason adds, “I have a lot of friends that like to come over, and I’ll have the chance to do that now.”

Jessica says seeing her whole family under the same roof will make for an emotional first night in their new home. She is also looking forward to quality time together.

“Family dinner at a kitchen table, because we have not had a kitchen table for years. And a lot of laughs,” says Jessica.

Habitat for Humanity builds affordable houses with volunteer labor. Families who qualify help construct their home and pay for it through a no interest loan.