Family remembers life of pet possum


Many of us had a family pet dog or cat growing up, but one western Kentucky family is remembering the life of a very unique pet 

Elias Jimenez remembers his rare encounter with an animal rarely kept as a pet.

“One day I was mowing our lawn and I saw crawling through the grass, but I thought she was a weird looking mouse or rat,” he recalled.

After that brief sighting, they took in a possum, named her Boopsie, but though they didn’t plan to keep it long at first.

“I think at first, our intention wasn’t to keep it as a pet, but just kind of nurture it, get it back out to the woods,” says Lacy Jean, Elias’s mother. “Maybe we nurtured it too much.”

Boopsie ended up staying with the family for more than three years. For Elias and Lacy, it was a learning experience trying to care for such an animal.

“I’ve had, i don’t know how many people at this point, say either they hated possums before, or didn’t know anything about them, or they thought they were rats, and now they think their so cute,” Jean recalled.

Boopsie died in her sleep less than a week ago. 

“Boopsie was like a family member,” says Elias. So much of a family member, he made a tribute video for the possum on YouTube.

“I think it hit my husband pretty hard too,” Jean says. “He’s just, he would, every morning, find out and make sure she’s good and talk to her.”

They still have memories of Boopsie. They don’t plan to have another pet possum, but are glad with the time they had with her.

“They really need to live outside and it’s a hard job. We had to do a lot of research to make sure she’s eating the right food, make sure she’s eating healthy,” Lacy said. “I really wouldn’t want to, but I’m glad we did.”

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(This story was originally published on February 12, 2019)

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