Henderson, Ky. (WEHT) – Jon Lindsey has experienced something no parent ever dreams of dealing with: their own child being shot. That was the unfortunate case for his two year old daughter Phoenix, who was struck by a bullet while riding in the car with her mother and aunt.

“From first glance, she seemed fine,” explains Lindsey. “But when she went to pick Phoenix up out of the car seat, she was bleeding profusely.”

When Lindsey received word of the shooting from Phoenix’s grandmother, he says he was confused and began to fear the worst for his daughter

“I thought she said Phoenix went and got shots, so I was like, ‘Why did she get shots?’ And she says, ‘No, she was shot with a gun’. And when I heard that, it was just pure panic.”

Lindsey tells us Phoenix will likely need multiple surgeries to close the exit wound and to repair an injured hamstring. If all goes as planned, the family hopes to return home within a week after the shooting. The family is also hoping that those responsible for the shooting come forward soon.

“I hope the person who’s responsible enough has a heart and is willing to come forward and admit to their mistake,” says Lindsey. “Phoenix is 2 years old, she deserves justice. She didn’t deserve to be shot by a stray bullet.”

The family does have a GoFundMe account set up to assist with medical expenses. If you would like to contribute, you can do so by clicking this link.