HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT)- A Ferdinand native is starring in a movie based on a true story. The movie is called “I CAN” and is based on the life of Katelyn Pavey, a one armed All-American Softball player.

Amanda Verkamp is playing the role of Katelyn’s mom, Salena Pavey.

“The goal of the movie is to turn someone’s I CAN’T to I CAN,” says Verkamp.

The story starts when Katelyn was conceived through an affair a long time ago. After she was born with one arm, her dad felt as if the deformity was caused by God’s displeasure. After wrestling with guilt for years, he was able to ask God for forgiveness. Katelyn overcame all odds while keeping a positive mentality.

The movie is directed by Tyler Samson, the pastor of Verkamp’s church, First Capital Christian Church in Corydon, Indiana. Verkamp says the pastor helped her get started in acting, and adds she was surprised when she landed the role of Salena Pavey.

“It was exciting and intimidating. The challenging thing for me was the lines- like memorizing all of those lines and having to recall them in the moment. That is intimidating,” Verkamp says.

The movie was shot in a variety of places, including Corydon, Indiana, where Verkamp lives her family. She says being on set was like hanging out with friends. Many of the actors were members of her church.

“It was definitely like a church and community effort. Like the town of Corydon came together. A lot of people from our church and our community were extras in the movie,” Verkamp says.

The movie has already won several awards, including Best Picture and Best Director at the Florida Faith and Family Film Festival. It is also nominated for Best Picture in the International Christian Film festival. Several actors are nominated for awards.

‘I CAN’ shows in theatres nationwide on Friday. A portion of ticket proceeds will be donated to benefit underprivileged kids. Theatres and showtimes can be found at icanmovie.com.