Fire Claims Life in Spencer County


A fatal fire in Spencer County has authorities searching for answers. 21-year-old Dylan Somers couldn’t make it out of a burning home Saturday morning.

Officials say the fire happened around 2:30 p.m. Saturday morning. They say the home was fully engulfed in flames when fire crews arrived and were unable to save one person still inside.

The gutter is barely hanging on to what’s left of the frame. The house at 25 Sunset Drive in Dale, IN is almost gone. 

“I noticed there was a reflection and I thought it was the house across the street on fire,” Terrence Treat said. “I kept on walking slowly over there until I got to the end of my jeep and then I saw from the corner of my eye the flames were over there on that house there. “

Terrence Treat saw the fire happen. He lives two houses down. He was headed home early Saturday morning and couldn’t miss the flames.

“The fire was already coming out of the windows and door,” Treat said. “I was going to go and inside and see if anyone was in there. So I went around back and it was the same thing there.”

Treat says he saw a man come out of the house.

“That’s when he fell to his knees crying and stuff then I hear somebody holler in the background and he went around that way and then the ambulance showed up and I told them there was somebody inside and they said there’s nothing we can do they are probably deceased already,” he said.

Spencer County Coroner Robert Fuller says 21-year-old Dylan Somers died of smoke inhalation after his home caught fire. Fuller says at least two others were inside. Brenda Barboza saw it from her bedroom window.

“I could only see that the house was actually caved in from the top,” she said.  

While the cause of the fire remains unknown at this point, Barboza doesn’t suspect anything suspicious.

“This is a really quiet neighborhood,” she said. “I know it’s rented from those people so we always get different neighbors.”

With little to no answers of what exactly happened at 25 Sunset Drive, neighbors resigned to just pray for the family of Dylan Somers.  

The Indiana State Fire Marshal is working to determine a cause of the fire. They’re also waiting on a toxicology report. 

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