Fire Territory, Tax Rate Change Pays Off For Scott Township Fire Department


Whenever disaster strikes, its nice to know help is just down the road, but up until the last two months, with the Scott Township Fire Department that all depended on the day.

Adam Farrar, Scott Township Fire Chief said “we got to the point where we didn’t know if we were going to have anybody to make the run or not.”

Serving Scott along with Armstrong Township and Darmstadt had Scott firefighters stretched too thin.

“Basically each one of those had different tax rates and receiving the same kind of service at the time, so for us to be able to staff all three stations financially we had to make everybody on the same playing field to have the same tax rates and pay the same rate to receive that service,” said Farrar.

But thanks to a tax rate adjustment and fire territory plan, the fire department fighting fires and a growing population is not without weapons.

The new tax rate of .257 per hundred dollars of assessed valuation in all areas served has allowed the department to bring in two more fire engines, a new ambulance, and station just off Highway 57 since going into effect July first.

Farrar said,“Response times have gone down about two minutes from our average prior to that and now everyone’s getting the same services that the ones closest to us used to be getting.”

Now, with two full time employees at each station around the clock, help really is just down the road.

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