Firefighters set to train in 420 Main St. Building


EVANSVILLE, INDIANA (WEHT)– Evansville firefighters said they’re training in a more unique setting this week and next week. Captain Jim Melloy said the goal of this training is to figure out logistics of working in higher up buildings.

“If you came in here in a legit fire, you have to have basically everything you need. You need to have extra air bottles, you need all your tools, you need all your equipment, you need to have a water supply, ventilation in this building is very difficult especially when you’re dealing with multiple stories. You gotta control the elevators and that’s a whole other thing. Just a lot of safety issues,” Melloy said.

The owner and developer of the 420 main st. project is allowing these firefighters to train in the buildings. Firefighters said they’ll be working next week in the soon-to-be demolished 420 main building- and they encourage people to not panic if they see things like the trucks, crews, and even smoke coming from the building. It’s just training.

“To be able to get your hands on it and do it for real in this type of situation, I would think is pretty valuable,” said fire chief Mike Larson.

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