Independence day is two weeks from today and firework stores and stands are gearing up for a rush of customers.  But what are the laws on when firework can be shot off? Laws vary from state to state, county to county, and city to city. The law you have to abide by may not be the same law your friends and family have to follow. So before lighting a fuse, you may want to call city or county officials to make sure you won’t be breaking the law when that firework soars into the sky.

Throughout the year, the sounds of exploding fireworks and skies filled with various colors of light can be seen as many celebrate a holiday, but the first question that comes to many people’s mind is: What is the law? Firework stand employee Scott Mortis says he is asked that question every year when he opens his stand. He says that most people want to know where they can shoot them off at and is it legal to shoot them off and where? He usually tells them to call the local fire department.

The laws can get confusing vary fast, especially in Indiana. For example: The state says it is O.K. with people shooting off fireworks any day as long as it is between 9-am and 11 p-m.  Those restrictions are eased a little more on the 4th of July, Labor day, and New Year’s Eve. However the state gives local government the opportunity to add certain restrictions. Vanderburgh county does not add any;  however, if you live in Evansville, the laws are more strict. Fireworks can only be fired off June 29 – July 9 from 5pm – 11:30pm but 10am to Midnight on July 4th. As for New Years Eve, 10AM until 1AM Jan 1st. Then 5pm – 11:30pm for Memorial Day, Labor day, and Veterans day

Kentucky leaves the decision to counties and cities And Illinois is very strict by stating fireworks are illegal unless you have a permit.

So if you’re curious to know if you are allowed to celebrate a holiday by lighting the fuse of a firework, the easiest way to find out is by calling your local police or fire department.  Another factor that comes with fireworks is safety. Scott suggests that only one person be designated to light the fireworks so that multiple people aren’t lighting fireworks at the same time, which could cause injuries.