WADESVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – A project nearly 20 years in the making is in its final phase as Wadesville and Blairsville customers are hooked up to a new sewer system. This comes after years of opposition and financial challenges.

“We got started on the project back in 2022 with the treatment plant,” says Wessler Engineering Project Manager Josh Hood. “About a year ago, we started installing grinder pumps starting in this neighborhood here. Now, we’re coming back through and tying in, connecting, every homeowner to the actual grinder pump.”

Hood and his team connected the first customers in the Woods Drive neighborhood of Wadesville. Crews worked to disconnect the septic tank system, which officials say have begun to fail in some neighborhoods, not allowing sewage to properly drain. Over the years, the project has been somewhat polarizing. Those against say they are frustrated over what they call a mess in their yards, and some oppose the monthly fee of just over $80. But others call this project a blessing.

Wadesville resident Phalos Young calls the project a big relief. His yard would often pool with water in one corner as the septic tank system did not allow sewage to properly disperse.

“This is going to alleviate that problem,” explains Young. “I’m glad it’s done and I’m hooked up and we don’t have to worry about it anymore after this, just getting the yard straightened back up, we’ll be good to go.”

Young also says he will be able to complete yard work that he could not previously conduct due to sewage issues.

“I really wanted to tear the yard apart and re-do the whole thing, and this will give me the opportunity to do that,” says Young. “That kept me from doing that because, you know, what do I do? I couldn’t fix this.”

Hood says in total, around 450 connections will be made as the new sewer system goes live. He says the goal is to have that completed by the end of 2023.