Summer days at the lake is a tradition for so many, but a fun afternoon on the water for an Owensboro boy recently turned dangerous.

Swimming isn’t allowed at Lynnville Lake, however that doesn’t stop most people from jumping in. What police and fire hope will stop people is another injury, and a warning of what could happen.

For decades, cliff jumping has been a favorite past-time on the Lynnville lake. Almost 70 years ago it was a strip mine but now it’s 300 acres of a place to get away in Warrick County.

First responders are warning regulars to think hard before they jump at the “Lynnville Falls.”

Sheriff Brett Kruse says it’s about a 10-foot drop, accessible by water, or by trespassing on private property. “A lot of kids go out there and jump off the high wall into the water,” he says.

The danger in jumping off the rock face is no laughing matter. Park officials say an underage boy from Owensboro tried to make the leap last week but fell short of his target. “In this instance, the boy didn’t even land in the water, he landed on the bank next to the water,” says Kruse.

Park manager Doris Horne says the boy suffered injuries to his back and legs and needed to be rescued by boat. The rock face is too deep in the woods to get to quickly.

Lynnville Volunteer Fire Chief, Doug Wilcox was one of the men who rescused the boy. He posted on Facebook that he doesn’t consider this accident, but “a stupid stunt that puts many lives in danger.”

Horne says almost every year somebody gets hurt and the park has posted signs at the top of the cliff warning people.

“This boy saw what looked like a big adventure and climbed it, jumped off, and it didn’t work out well,” says Kruse.