Flash flooding shuts down Owensboro streets


OWENSBORO, Ky. (WEHT) – A summer storm left many streets and businesses in Owensboro flooded. Some residents in Owensboro say they see flash flooding quite often, but being used to it doesn’t make them any less concerned for their safety.

John Harris of Owensboro said, “Oh man we got a whole lot. It came down fast. We had to go through the alley and run up here to get our grandbaby off the bus because the bus couldn’t come down… We got wet and everything but we got off the bus up there though. It was scary.”

Brian Mallory of Owensboro sent us pictures of standing water causing traffic buildup. He said he saw people floating in tubes down the street and water rise up to door handles.

Businesses also saw the wrath of the summer storm. The owners of Reed’s Overhead Doors LLC sent us a video showing several inches of standing water in their office.

After hours of water backup in other areas, some residents took it upon themselves to drain the street.

“They’re getting trash up out of the street so people won’t run over it. it was a whole lot. People’s trash cans, people’s totes got run over. They’re doing a good job,” added Harris.

Andy Ball, Director of the Daviess County Emergency Management Agency, said the city was out clearing drains and putting up barricades. He said although some people lifted manholes themselves to drain the street quicker, the best thing to do is call the city and have it done professionally to avoid getting hurt. Ball says if you get stranded, get out of your car and seek higher ground or get on top of your car. He says with more rain coming, everyone should prepare themselves by having alternate routes planned. He reiterated their flash flood motto is “turn around, don’t drown.”

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