Flights to and from Atlanta vary day after power outage


While power’s been restored at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, flight schedules are still not returned to normal yet.

Some flights to and from Evansville Regional Airport were experiencing delays. While some flights to and from Atlanta were on schedule earlier today, some passengers still had their travel plans delayed or even canceled.

“I was nervous,” says Michael Broderhausen, who was flying to Atlanta to catch a connecting flight.

At Evansville Regional Airport, one flight from Atlanta arrived and departed on time, but another departure had a two-hour delay.

“I was just getting ready to go through TSA and happened to check my phone just to see if the flight was going to be on time, and it came up delayed right then. I was surprised,” says R.W. Burt, recalling when he learned his flight to Atlanta was delayed. Other flights to and from Hartsfield-Jackson had long delays. For some passengers, the delays were a minor headache.

“I was kind of worried that I’d get delayed for a few more hours than what it was. I should get there on time, so I’ll be alright,” Broderhausen says. But Lisa Nikolidakis of Newburgh missed her connecting flight to Miami, leading her to cancel her trip due to lack of available seating on tomorrow’s flights.

“If I’d gotten on the flight here, I would’ve landed in Atlanta at 3:48 PM. My connecting flight was at 2:45 PM. So, despite there being 4 or so flights from Atlanta to Miami, all of them are oversold. I could get to Atlanta, but I would’ve been stranded in Atlanta,” says Nikolidakis.

Some travelers hope all issues in Atlanta are fixed before returning flights are impacted.

“I’m supposed to be in Indianapolis Wednesday night to do something with my family that we plan for all year that we do every year. Yeah, I’m really hopeful this all works out,” Burt says.

Some travelers tell us they would’ve looked for flights leaving other cities if their flights out of Evansville were canceled.

If you or someone you know is arriving or leaving from Atlanta, you can check the flight schedule on Evansville regional airport’s web site or call your airline.

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(This story was originally published on December 18, 2017)

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