HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT) – A 5 day manhunt in Henderson concluded with the discovery of Bradley Gillespie’s body in the Ohio River. But it began with the eyes above: newly-installed flock cameras located throughout Henderson County.

“Flock system is equipped with the automated license plate readers,” explains Lt. Stuart O’Nan with the Henderson Police Department, “which are an alert that sends our dispatch center a notification of a vehicle that’s been entered by an agency that is wanted in reference to a certain type of crime or it could be a stolen vehicle.”

According to Lt. O’Nan, flock cameras alerted Henderson police of the stolen vehicle driven by James Lee and Bradley Gillespie at 3:15 last Wednesday morning. One minute later, the pursuit began.

“It’s a tremendous help to our city to help prevent crime, and the safety of the community,” says O’Nan. “Officers can’t be at every location at all times. When these camera systems are able to send us an alert of a violent suspect or a stolen vehicle, it does help our officers locate them quickly and apprehend them.”

Across the river, Evansville police have solved many cases through the use of their flock network.

“The detectives are just, they’re in awe how much this has been so valuable,” says Sgt. Anna Gray with the Evansville Police Department.

Sgt. Gray says flock cameras were used in the capture of Casey White and Vicky White in May of 2022.

“We have to have a specific reason for it, so we can’t abuse the system or anything like that,” explains Sgt. Gray. “We’re not trying to see if anyone’s speeding, we’re not trying to see if anyone’s running red lights. We’re using these for very high-profile cases.”

Photos are stored in the flock network for 30 days before being cleared out. O’Nan says without Henderson’s flock cameras, Gillespie and Lee may have caused trouble for another community.

“We’re happy we were able to catch them here before they were able to get to another community that may not have the flock system,” explains Lt. O’Nan.

Police also say flock cameras are available for businesses to purchase, as well. Lt. O’Nan says several in Henderson have purchased cameras, and hopes others will jump on board. Police say more businesses that add cameras will help expand the county’s flock network.