Flurries have arrived in the Tri-State


HUNTINGBURG, Ind. (WEHT) – While it wasn’t much, the Tri-State did see its first snowfall on Tuesday. Flakes and flurries came to remind us that the holidays are here. 

“Not unusual to have snow this time of year,” said Wayne Hart, Eyewitness News Chief Meterologist. “Normally we have our first measurable snow sometime in early December, this was not measurable but at least we have some flakes falling from the sky.”

Downtown Huntingburg has gone all out with decorations for the holidays and the snowy weather adds even more Christmas spirit to the picturesque town.

“Well it puts you in more of a mood for the season, right?” said Jason Barnett of Huntingburg. “Which is goes right along with everything that the merchants have been trying to do downtown here with the lights and the decorations.”

“It’s wonderful, it really feels like it’s Christmas,” said Tina Huddleston.

With the feeling of Christmas comes the urge to go Christmas shopping.

“It just makes you want to buy more presents for Christmas!” added Huddleston.

“There’s a lot of people that’s been walking up and down shopping everything going on so it’s really nice.”

It may look a lot like Christmas now, but don’t get too excited yet.

“That dusting is not going to be around all that long,” added Hart. “Matter of fact – by later tomorrow morning when the sun comes up it’s pretty much going to be gone as temperatures get back to normal tomorrow, then we make a run at a record high believe it or not on Friday.”

As a warm holiday season does sound nice who wouldn’t want a white Christmas?

“I always hope that it snows on Christmas!” said Huddleston.

“Maybe a in a few weeks or Christmas will be nice, it would be good.” added Barnett.

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