Food isn’t the only moneymaker at the Fall Festival


EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT)- Thousands of people make their way to franklin street for the fall festival every year and the food booths aren’t the only ones making money for their organizations.
“My son was in the band he graduated in 2001 so I’ve been doing it since about 1998, ” Randall Kuester says.

Almost ten years of sitting and collecting money for the Mater Dei marching band. Band parents are taking the time off work to come and volunteer.

“It’s important to them for them to know that their parents are supporting them in their endeavors,” Carolyn Rusk explains.

But they aren’t the only ones. With cars driving up and down the streets dozens of organizations are asking people to come park. But one has restrictions on who can park.

Jeff West, President of the River Bend Association explains what unique about their lot, “it’s members only. It’s a private club it’s like that year-round. You have to have a sticker and a membership card to park in the lot so it’s all our members that pay three dollars per car to park.”

But the money the River Bend Association raises they didn’t keep.

“We do a scholarship every year two recipients. Thousand dollars for each student,” West says.

For him, giving away the scholarship is an emotional time.

“My dad. One of the scholarships is named after him so it touches me a little deep,” West explains

The band parents might not be giving away college money but they’re helping in other ways.

“It goes for their expenses with traveling bus school buses meals things like that as they go for competitions all over,” Rusk explains. ” My daughter will be here Friday she doesn’t know it yet.”
Both the Mater Dei band and the River Bend Association have booths on the street.
To find their number and what they have to take a look at a munchie map on the street or here.

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