(WEHT)- COVID-19 cases continue to surge throughout the Tri-State and it’s starting to impact Friday nights more. Across the Tri-State, high school football teams are feeling the wrath from the pandemic.

Several schools have canceled their games for Friday night. Others have reshuffled and are playing a different team than planned this week. The first school to cancel a game due to COVID-19 cases was Castle back in week three.

“Obviously, the Bosse week was a curveball but we’re hoping to avoid future curveballs and maybe just fastballs from here on out,” Doug Hurt says.

Back in their gear, the Castle Knights are taking charge of the rest of their season after pulling the plug on their week three game against Bosse, when someone within the program tested positive for COVID-19.

Head coach Doug Hurt says the administration made the call with students’ best interest at heart, “I really respect our administration that they’ve had the courage to even allow us to be here.”

For seniors like number 78, Ethan Wright, it was a little disappointing to hear the news, “just because the initial shock of not being able to play a game. It’s the first time it happened.”

“Football is so much different than baseball or basketball where you have so many games,” Hurt says. “We prep all year and all summer and all week for one shot and so the kids are only guaranteed 10 shots a year.”

With that limited number of games, the team knows they can’t take a single moment for granted.

“The morale. It’s not low. It’s even higher because of that. Because everyone is going out there and playing their hardest every single play,” Wright explains.

Several other area schools have been put in similar situations. Just down the road, Boonville High School has canceled its next two games. But Thursday, their freshman were able to take the field.

Wright says he feels for the teams having to wait it out, “as a senior I know every game accounts that we play so I just hope that they’re able to come back and play great in their games.”

As for Castle Hurt says they’re not letting the possibility of another canceled game affect them, “I don’t even really think that that crosses our mind to be quite honest. It’s all about the next opponent for us.”

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(This story was originally published on Oct. 1, 2020)