Get ready for some new additions to Evansville’s Ford Center within the next week. 

Before they see their favorite artist, favorite act or their favorite team, Ford Center patrons will first hear the sounds of security.

“Metal detectors,” says Kelley Coures with the Department of Metropolitan Development. “Walk-through metal detectors and a variety of associated instruments that go along with it for the Ford Center.”

The Evansville Redevelopment Authority approved the purchase of metal detectors for just under $88,000. They will be installed at every entrance ahead of next week’s Jason Aldean concert.

“Given the security concerns after the San Bernardino attack, an upcoming concert is requiring metal detectors for the venue,” says Coures. “It would cost $12,000 to rent these things for one night so it certainly makes economic sense to acquire them. It was one of those things we were going to do anyway.”

There will also be a metal detector installed in the soon-to-be-built walkway connecting the Ford Center to the Convention Hotel. The metal detectors are expected to be used before every Ford Center event.

“Any time you have a facility like the Ford Center, five years go by, ten years go by, twenty years go by, the world changes all around it so you have to adapt it to what the world is calling for at that time. Unfortunately, in the current environment, this is something that is going to be necessary.”

Coures says the metal detectors will be put on casters — which will allow them to be moved. They’re expected to be used before every Ford Center event.