HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT)- Earlier today I had the chance to sit down and talk with former Indiana Hoosier and current NBA G-Leaguer Juwan Morgan.

You can watch the full interview in the video player above but here are some of the highlights.

When talking to Juwan about the IU-UK rivalry he described what the atmosphere was like to play them in a NCAA tournament game.

“I mean it was insane. I mean as soon as you stepped on the court it was just like, I really couldn’t explain it. I just saw nothing but red and blue all throughout the stands. It was literally like half and half. Right where the red stopped the blue began. You could not imagine a more perfect scenario.”

When asked about the feeling of signing his first NBA contract after going undrafted, the former Hoosiers forward went on to say,

“It was crazy because the NBA, G-League team lost its first two games. Then we played three more and we were 3-2, and I wasn’t really, didn’t think I was playing well, and we lost two games. And I remember they brought me in, and it was like The Stars brought me in and said they were going to sign me to a standard contract. I was like okay that’s great. Then they said it again and the emotions really set in.I also asked Juwan about how he got to play for the Eastern Conference champions Boston Celtics last season, and what it was like to play in NBA Finals games.

“Obviously we wanted to win, but to be able to be out there and log minutes. Just to be out there regardless. It was like a dream. There are starters and All-Stars that never see the Finals. A lot of people are always like, you really didn’t do anything. And it’s just like in the game, it may have not have seemed that way, but during practice we had to give our starters the best look possible. To be a part of that was insane.”

Some other things we discussed were his favorite teammates at the University of Indiana, what it was like playing under former Hoosier coach Tom Crean, and his experience playing in the NBA playoffs.