Former IL Gov. Quinn’s Portrait Revealed for Hall of Governors

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Former Illinois Governor Pat Quinn unveiled his official portrait at a ceremony on Monday in the Illinois State Capitol. The portrait will become part of the historic Hall of Governors.

“As we look at all these portraits of men who were elected to lead the State of Illinois, it’s important to remember all the women and men whose votes brought them into office,” Quinn said during the unveiling ceremony. “With this latest portrait, we hope to remind visitors that, in a democracy, the highest office is the office of citizen, and that all of us have a responsibility to participate in our government.”

The portrait was done by renowned Illinois artist William T. Chambers.

It depicts Quinn standing before a background that features 44 interactive ‘found items,’ representing people, issues, and events from Gov. Quinn’s career.

The background notably includes a photograph of Quinn signing a bill that put an advisory referendum on the November 2014 ballot, which asked voters whether the state’s minimum wage should be increased.

In that photograph, Quinn is surrounded by a diverse group of supporters. The ‘portrait in a portrait’ depicts the first images of people of color ever included in the Hall of Governors.

“When people look at this portrait, we want to remind them that every person in the Land of Lincoln has the right to stand up, speak out, and start taking action to improve our government and change the world,” Quinn said.

Some of the other ‘found items’ include the wedding day photograph of Quinn’s parents and photographs of his brothers and sons.

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