Four Arrested After Police Seize Estimated $1 Million Worth of Meth

Four people face drug charges after authorities seize an estimated $1 million worth of crystal meth.

Police found nearly 23 lbs. of meth along with more than $20,000 while working a search warrant at 221 Stillhouse Bend Lane in Central City on March 7.

The estimated street value of the meth is $1 million.

Police say they found Jackie Higgs, 44, Jimmy Jackson, 73, and 3Jamie Gregory of Central City along with James Lamar, 51, of Evansville at the scene.

All four people were arrested and taken to the Muhlenberg County Detention Center. Police say all four face drug trafficking charges.

Not much traffic comes down Stillhouse Bend Lane.

“Hardly none,” says Glen Mencer, who lives on the street. He saw a lot of traffic go by on Saturday afternoon.  All for four alleged drug traffickers.

“All of the sudden hear come the whole country. It was all those extended cab trucks. I thought it was just one or two, but then they just kept on coming,” he recalls. “I didn’t know what was going on, but then a lady up there that lives up there called and said they’re raiding the place for drugs.”

Kentucky State Police, along with DEA agents, Arkansas State Police, and agencies from Muhlenberg and Hopkins Counties, arrested four suspected traffickers, seizing 23 pounds of meth valued at one million dollars.

Investigators say it started after a traffic stop in Arkansas, which led them to the four suspects in Central City.  Trooper Stu Recke says removing any amount of drugs off the street is a victory, but its still unclear how big of a difference these arrests make in stopping the drug traffic.

“You have to take each one on a case by case basis, and see where that might lead you. Some might lead you to bigger busts and arrests, and some might not,” Recke says.

Kentucky State Police say the investigation is ongoing and there could be more arrests.

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