Franklin Street Bazaar “Embraces You”


It was all about “embracing you” at the Franklin Street Bazaar Saturday. 

Project Reveal, an organization that empowers women, planned the event. It included a giant chalk board for anyone to write what they like about themselves.

Project Reveal  also paired up dozens of college and high school aged photographers with professional photographers to take pictures of their young models.

“It’s a continuing conversation, you know,” said Project Reveal founder, Stacey Godbold, “I think at any age, it doesn’t matter if you’re male or female, young or old. Sometimes it’s hard to look at ourselves in the mirror and say I like what I see, I think it’s like a daily process, you know, and so we just continue those conversations, be kind to yourself. You may hate your frizzy hair, but it’s beautiful, you know, it’s different than another girls’, but it’s just as beautiful.”

The photos will be used at Project Reveal’s Embrace Your Body event in November.

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