EVANSVILLE, In. (WEHT) – Heather Williams-Grant says she made it out of her longtime place on Bedford Avenue within minutes of a tree falling on her home of 30 years.

The tree destroyed the home and crashed through the bedroom where she had been merely 75 seconds beforehand.

“All those bricks would have took me down right there,” says Williams-Grant.

Still, despite her circumstances, she remains positive – crediting her faith for getting her through this trying time.

“She called me because the sirens were going off, and told me to get somewhere safe . I told her I was okay… before she went to her basement, she went out on her porch, and as soon as she got off the porch, the tree hit the house,” explains Malissa Oaks, Heather’s sister who also resides in Evansville.

Her family has set up a GoFundMe to get Heather the care she needs for herself and her dog – the one thing she was able to save – a long with a Bible – as she quickly climbed out of a window to escape.

Her biggest concern is her 13-year old year old dog Ava, who has terminal cancer. Meanwhile, she navigates through crisis organizations to fill the gaps.

“I walked out with the clothes on my back, and I am grateful for that. I have God, and if there is anything that someone would do, I would be very grateful for it,” says Williams-Grant.

The City of Evansville has already condemned the house, and without home insurance, Heather will be trying to salvage what she can, if she can, of the rest of her irreplaceable earthly possessions.

“I’m really protective of my sister, so anytime storms are coming through I always let her know. She’s a really amazing person. We all are getting up there in our years…We’ve already buried one sister…With this happening to Heather, it was very traumatic.” says Rosemary Durbin, Heather’s sister who resides in Missouri.