Friends and family welcome Deputy Hicks back to the Tri-State


EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – After months of rehabilitation, Posey County Deputy Bryan Hicks is finally back home in the Tri-State. It’s been a very emotional day for his friends and family who were so anxious to welcome him back.

Keith and Cindy Hicks received an early Christmas present – their son is back home. Deputy Hicks was shot in the head during a wellness check in late September. Paul Wiltshire has been charged with attempted murder, while Hicks has been fighting to return to normal life for months. Now he is another step closer towards that goal.

“I’m very excited about him coming home – at least being in Evansville for the holidays,” said Hick’s mom, Cindy.

“We’re very excited about Bryan being able to come home,” added Hicks’ dad, Keith. “This is just one step in a journey that he’s taking and we’re taking along with him.”

Hicks and his wife arrived at Tri-State Aero in Evansville as dozens of people stood by. He was welcomed with several signs, and even more tears of joy.

“To finally get to hug him and welcome him home was…It was awesome,” said Posey County Sheriff Tom Latham.

For nearly two months, Hicks has been at a rehab center in Chicago where his family says he has been making remarkable progress.

“When we left here his right leg wasn’t functional, the right arm wasn’t functional, now all those limbs are functioning,” added Keith Hicks.

“Bryan has the mindset of not failing. To see where he was and where he is today with the extent of the situation, there’s no explanation other than god has his hand in this. Period,” said Sheriff Latham.

Hicks’ next steps include surgeries and more therapy. He was taken to a neurology center in the area and was escorted by police and deputies from all around the tri-state. His friends and family say they have seen overwhelming support.

“We’ve had a great support group,” said Keith Hicks. “Our families, our coworkers, our friends, they’ve all been…The community, it’s all been behind us all the way and been behind him. And I can’t say enough about my daughter-in-law. I mean she’s pretty tough. She’s been there the whole time for him, hasn’t left his side the whole time. She’s a special girl.”

“With him being able to see the support that he saw tonight, I hope just gives him more encouragement to even fight harder,” said Sheriff Latham.

Hicks’ family said they know Bryan has a long road ahead of him, but they are thrilled to be able to help him along the way by his side.

Cindy Hicks thanked everyone who has been there for them and added, “continue to pray for us. God works miracles.”

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