Always behind a microphone, Shane Breedlove lived his life in the public eye. Now, his friends are hoping the public can help police find his killer.

Breedlove, 41, was found dead of an apparent shooting near the corner of Washington and Thompson Avenues on Sunday night. Breedlove, a well-known and well-liked disc jockey, was on his way to work at KC’s Time Out Lounge on Green River Road when he was murdered, police said.

“[Breedlove] was trying to do things right, trying to make a little money last night and, unfortunately, he didn’t make it to work,” said Evansville Police Sergeant Jason Cullum.

Detectives found spent shell casings at the scene and spent much of the morning on Monday re-canvassing the neighborhood, Sgt. Cullum said. However, lacking solid eyewitness accounts, detectives have not been able to identify a suspect. At this point, detectives are unsure whether Breedlove’s murder was a random act or part of an ongoing issue.

“With his position at Time Out Lounge, he knew a lot of people,” Sgt. Cullum said. “There are a lot of people that we’ve spoken with in the hours since his death. We’re hoping in those conversations we can gather information that can help.”

In addition to working as a disc jockey at Time Out Lounge, Breedlove worked at other Evansville-area bars. His friends describe him as a jovial, giving man who was also an extremely talented musician.

“We got the news [on Sunday night],” said Chad Brady, the manager of KC’s Time Out Lounge. “It was devastating. It came as a complete shock. His name is like a brand: Breedlove. Especially in this business, everybody knows who Shane is. He is completely irreplaceable.”

Breedlove had an impact on so many people even if he didn’t realize it, Brady said.  Breedlove lived his life behind the microphone, seemingly always performing or entertaining. His friends describe Breedlove as the kind of disc-jockey that had a good time if you had a good time.

“90 percent of the people in Evansville know Shane. He was a talented musician, a great singer. He was probably the best sound guy around,” Brady said. “I’ve never seen Shane have a problem with anyone. That’s why it came as a complete shock.”

The sense of shock wasn’t just limited to the Tri-State area. Because the music industry tends to be like a small fraternity, people from far and wide  are paying their respects.

That includes Jackson Young, an accomplished country music artist currently living in Nashville, Tennessee. Jackson, who has family members living in the Evansville area, met Breedlove through a project at the Gilda’s Club. They instantly became best friends, Young said.

“Shane was one of those guys who had the same like mind as me. He had an entrepreneurial spirit. He wanted to help everyone as much as he could,” Young said. “Every day was a good day with Shane. You hear a lot of [these sentiments] in these types of situations but Shane really was that guy.”

Breedlove and Young were seemingly inseparable. They worked on several projects together including Young’s latest album, Let it Ride. Breedlove provided the backup vocals on the album, Young said. The two also performed on stage together often.

After receiving the devastating news that Breedlove had been murdered, Young felt compelled to do something, he said. Young created a GoFundMe account aimed to raise money that could be used as a reward for any and all information leading to the arrest and conviction of Breedlove’s killer or killers.

Much of the reward money is coming from Young’s personal bank account.

“This just hits home for me on so many different levels but mainly getting justice for my friend,” Young said. “If it takes money for that to happen, that’s what I’m going to do.”

Much like the police department, Young is pleading the public to come forward with information. He also has some stern, pointed words to whomever is responsible.

“For some coward to be able to take another man’s life is one thing but to be able to take a life like Shane Breedlove is completely unjustified,” Young said. “You can run. You can hide. You can crawl under any rock. You can go anywhere that you might think is safe. You won’t be. You live with the paranoia knowing that it’s only a matter of time until you are brought to justice.”

With Breedlove gone, the stage at KC’s Time Out Lounge will seem a little more empty. The nights will seem a little less lively. There will be no more encores for Breedlove but this man behind the mic will never be forgotten.