‘Gateway’ Sculpture Welcomes Evansville Visitors at EVV

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It is being called a welcome sign for people landing at Evansville Regional Airport. The project has been years in the making.
Officials started installing the airport “Gateway” sculpture on Friday. It’s the final piece of a joint project from ‘Keep Evansville Beautiful’ and the Evansville Airport to create a good first impression for those visiting Evansville.

“It is hugely important for our city to do things like this for the community. This is a public art sculpture the community can enjoy it everyday when they’re driving on 57 and we have hundreds of thousands of people that travel this highway from 10 county area that come into our community everyday and they’ll be able to see ths everyday and that’ll be a wonderful thing,” said Julie Welch of Keep Evansville Beautiful.

The man behind this sculpture is Bob Zasadny. Zasadny says his inspiration came from places and landmarks around Evansville. 

“Even though its an abstract sculpture, I still have the bend in the river, the wing, there’s something that looks like an American eagle, one of the airlines that flies out of here. The silver color relates to Alcoa and Century Aluminum and there are other things that are somewhat hidden but if you look closely, you can see it,” said Zasadny.

The “Gateway” sculpture can be seen as you enter the Evansville Regional Airport on Highway 57 and Old Petersburg Road. 

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