German Township fire department appoints first female Fire Chief


GERMAN TOWNSHIP, Ind. (WEHT) – Tamara Carr is putting out fires and breaking glass ceilings. After two decades of volunteering at the German Township Fire Department, she’s made it to the top as fire chief.

“It just makes you feel really good to know – I definitely feel like I’m very supported and so is my assistant chief fire members and they don’t see us as ‘girls vs boys’ type environment,” said Carr.

Carr isn’t the only woman making history. When she was promoted, her position as Assistant Fire Chief had to be backfilled, so former Division Chief Heather Bennett was voted in, making the duo the first fire department in Indiana with two female leaders.

When she’s not at the fire station or out on calls, Carr works a full time job at Reckitt in Evansville and she keeps her hands full. “My work-life balance is very hectic. I might be one of the busiest women in the Tri-state I think. But I also have two kiddos at home as well so, it’s a very hectic schedule but I don’t think I’d have it any other way. I just don’t know what it’s like to be bored.”

Carr says over her 19 years as a firefighter, she’s become really close to the community.

“German Township is a very small community in a lot of ways. So is the west side of Evansville in general, but we are very connected to a lot of our residents in a lot of the runs we make…. it’s just so much more than just a job. Especially when we’re doing it from the volunteer side,” said Carr.

As a female leader in a male-dominated field, she is a role model that young girls can look up to.

“Reach for your dreams and you have to not worry about what other people think or what other people say. You have to do what makes you happy. I have a little girl at home that also, she does karate. You know, a very male-dominated, not super female-dominated sport. And we just don’t worry about what other people say about us, we just put our head down and go to work and we do what makes up happy and you do that and you’ll end up anywhere you want to be,” said Carr.

Carraid the German Township Fire Department is always looking for volunteers and anyone interested should go to

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