Get a sneak peek inside The Olde Courthouse Catacombs haunted house


EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – Spooky season is upon us and Tri-staters are taking it all in before Halloween comes and goes. The Dungeon of Darkness at The Olde Courthouse Catacombs can scare even the biggest thrill seekers.

Dating back to the 1880s, the old courthouse is filled with creepy history that will make your skin crawl. Rumor has it that decades ago, some jail inmates even escaped and they may still be running through the tunnels. As thrilling as the haunted house is, Tri-staters aren’t scared away.

The Catacombs aren’t for the faint of heart. Get ready to duck through the windy halls and bring your A-game because the monsters mean business. And as they say, no one can hear you scream down there.

The House of Lecter and The Catacombs are open Thursday through Sunday throughout Halloween.

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