Evansville, Ind. (WEHT) — Evansville Police say a suspect in a murder from last August is now in custody. 34-year-old Brandon Artis was arrested recently on drug charges, and now faces a murder charge in the shooting death of 27-year-old Trey McGillicuddy. Weeks after the murder, McGillicuddy’s girlfriend, Sessily Bruner, has closure and says their kids miss him every day.

“We had the perfect family. The perfect home. All of it just got taken, over nothing,” she says.

Bruner was asleep in the bedroom of their Ravenswood Drive home the night of August 27th when she was woken up by fighting.

“When I came out of my room, I see Trey with the baby and the kids on the kitchen floor, and a man in Trey’s face with a gun and I said ‘Please do not do this’. Trey put the baby down and the man started shooting,” she says.

Police say Artis shot McGillicuddy in the chest.

“I put him on his back and started CPR. The man made me get up and I took my two oldest boys to my bedroom and locked the door. The man put the gun to me and demanded me to get Trey’s stuff together, his belongings and his money,” she says.

According to the affidavit, McGillicuddy was a marijuana dealer and started dealing to Artis in the August before the murder.

“He wasn’t a big-time drug dealer, he didn’t harm nobody,” Bruner says.

Weeks later, police arrested Artis for the murder and robbery.

“A sense of relief comes over you, but also, a sense of confusion and madness. And to me, it is not fair. We lost somebody and are not getting him back,” Bruner says,

Police searched Artis’ home on September 6th. They sat they found a belt matching the one stolen from McGillicuddy’s home, a safe containing vacuum sealed bags of marijuana, and around $8,000,

Evansville Police say if Bruner had not come forward, they may not have been able to arrest the shooter.

“The witness was able to describe what the offender drove. So being present and alert and noticing things when they occur are very important to the investigation. And that it was ultimately solved his case,” says Officer Taylor Merriss.

Artis is being held in the Vanderburgh County Jail on no bond.