EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – Thinking about dangling nine stories in the air may make someone anxious. Whether it’s out of nerves, or excitement, or knowing you’re making a difference to someone.

Over 100 people will have the chance to rappel down the nine-story CenterPoint Energy building in downtown Evansville on Saturday for a fundraiser. Granted is an Evansville-based organization that grants wishes to children within 100 miles with terminal or life-threatening conditions. After that wish is granted, the families are still supported long-term, anywhere from gas cards, to meal chains, to Christmas gifts for the family.

“We’ve had a committee of probably 20 plus people working on this for probably 15 months,” said Granted board member Jeff Purdue. “So to see this all come to culmination and people getting excited, it’s just heartwarming.”

Granted paired up with CenterPoint Energy and the urban rappelling non-profit called Over the Edge for this specific fundraiser.

“This event in itself has been transformative,” said Granted Executive Director Susan Washburn. “Not only the funds it has raised, but also the awareness that it has for the community.”

Everyone rappelling down the building on Saturday was required to raise at least $1,000 and Purdue said that more than $260,000 was raised, enough to help more than 50 families.

“This will be five times the biggest fundraiser we’ve ever had,” added Purdue. “So it’s game changing for us and we’re hoping this can be an annual event.”

Five children with Granted also qualified to go over the edge, and for those who couldn’t, they get to experience it through virtual reality.

“Our granted children are going to be able to come and be suspended in an A-frame and be able to put on a helmet to have this experience,” added Washburn.

The experience itself is incredible, and with the clear blue skies, the view from the top is amazing.

“Everybody’s been praying hard and the prayers have been answered – we got good weather,” said Purdue. “If it does rain, guess what, we rappel in the rain and we don’t charge extra.”