Golden Arches Go For Gold in All-American Crew Competition


Competition almost as hot as the McNuggets, for the first time at Ferdinand’s McDonalds there’s more traffic in the kitchen than the drive-thru this lunch hour.

Eleven hand picked teams from more than forty different McDonalds across the Tri-State going for gold, but we’re not talking about fries.

Susan Mann, Owner/Operator at Ferdinand McDonalds said,”you want somebody that knows all of the procedures and does them correctly every time, always hospitable, you have to smile, greet the customer, friendly and fast, accurate.”

Ferdinand’s team, Team Mann, was the first at bat.

Mann said home team advantage was a major help.

Mann said,”to also be in your own restaurant and the area you’re familiar with has some advantage, not only as the All American team, but you’re also getting to work with your normal crew and managers you’re kind of used to everyday.”

The orders were not just being taken from customers, speed,accuracy,and service were all things on the judge’s lofty menu.

Team Mann made off with the team spirit prize, but the All-American team was picked by individual scores rather than group tallies.

The Ohio Valley McDonald’s All-American team goes as follows:

  • DT Cashier: Carol Nichols
  • DT Order Taker: Jackie Torres
  • DT Present: Savanna Edwards
  • DT Run: Z Bowling
  • Front Counter: Sandy Webb
  • Lobby: Briana Heath
  • French Fries: Brianna Garrett
  • Fried Products: Joshua Kowawa
  • Meats: Kyle Oats
  • Initiator: Jordan R.
  • Assembly: Cassie P.

While there are no further competitions on the schedule for the All-American team, competition officials say they will go on to represent the region in things like company conventions.

At the end of the day, though, everyone was a winner, as competitors got a paid day at Holiday World after working their thirty minute shift to be judged.

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