Gov. Rauner Signs Bills to Help Sexual Assault Victims

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Gov. Bruce Rauner is taking action on multiple bills to help sexual assault victims seek justice.

Sexual Assault Incident Procedure Act

This bill is an overarching bill that provides victims with stricter protections during the evidence collection process and ensures that the transfer of evidence from hospitals to law enforcement is done in a timely manner.

The bill also removes barriers that allow the state to hire forensic analysts faster.

It’s aimed directly to help address the state’s decade-long rape kit backlog.

“As a state, we must do everything within our power to ensure victims are supported and that their aggressors are quickly brought to justice,” said Governor Bruce Rauner.

The bill also implements training standards and guidelines for 9-1-1 operators and law enforcement handling sexual assault cases. Hospitals will be required to notify law enforcement agencies must collect a rape test kit within a four-hour period.


Senate Bill 2861 concerns cases of sexual assault in the military and HB 4036 extends coverage of the Victims’ Economic Security and Safety Act to victims of domestic or sexual violence across the state. It also grants employees the right to leave.

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