Snow from the winter storm is causing problems for one Kentucky business.
In Philpot, the extra weight caused a greenhouse roof at Marlene’s Garden Center to collapse.
“We got a load of flowers in from Fedex and it was up at 10:30. We went to the house at 11 a.m. and it was down,” said owner Mike Hamilton.
Pounds of snow on top of one of their greenhouses caused it to collapse Wednesday morning.
“Sometimes things happen that are out of your control.”
Luckily nothing was inside besides tables.
“It could have been worse. Nobody got hurt, we can replace objects so we’ll take it and it’s gonna be a lot of work to replace it.”
The garden center is just shy of three months out of being in season, so a lot of work is ahead.
“First thing is to get everything out. We can salvage maybe the heaters and fans and benches, but other than that it’s all got to be torn down. Hauled away. Start over new.”
But the Hamilton’s are optimistic.
“Well make it work. We’ll be ready for spring. We’ll be ready for spring. It looks bad and it is bad but we’ll overcome and be back and ready to go.”
They say nothing can stand in the way of their spring fever… not even mother nature.
(This article was originally published January 18, 2018)