Gubernatorial Candidates Stop In The Tri-State


Election season winding down with candidates making their final push in the week leading up to election day. 

Democratic gubernatorial candidate John Gregg and his running mate Christina Hale, along with U.S. Senate candidate Evan Bayh stopped in downtown Evansville and in Mount Vernon today encouraging people to get out and vote. 

“The vote in Vanderburgh County and all southwest Indiana is important,” Gregg says. “I just want people to get out and vote. My challenge for people is to look beyond the party label.”

Bayh agrees. “It’s important that regular people get out and vote because ultimately it’s your families your job your community that this election is all about so we need you to get out and have your say.”

Their Republican opponents Eric Holcomb and Susanne Crouch stopped in Evansville yesterday. 

“I think it’s always important to vote whether it’s local or state or federal I don’t know if its ever been more important,” Holcomb says. 

Local voters agree that it is important for people to head to the voting booths and mark their ballots. 

Brian Jeffries from Posey County says, “When people don’t vote and don’t exercise that right then how does leadership really know what people are feeling.”

Matthew Neville from Evansville says it’s a way to make your voice heard. “It’s making your views known whether you vote for them or not they’re still going to be taking part of different aspects of your life.”

As the gubernatorial candidates hit the Tri-State, some voters are just looking forward to seeing the races come to an end. 

David Flanders from Posey County says, “I follow politics pretty closely so I’m always fascinated year round and it’ll be nice to have the acrimony behind us and more attention to some serious issues.”

For those looking forward to casting their vote, or wondering who to check on the ballot form, election day is coming soon. 

The candidates from both parties will continue their tour across the state through election day. 

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