Habitat for Humanity: Business Volunteers


Volunteers are an essential tool for Habitat for Humanity.

Eyewitness News’ Greg Parker tells us about a different type of volunteer on this week’s Habitat story.

Business volunteering is just as important as individual volunteering.

Volunteers come in all shapes and sizes, and that includes those who trade in a day at the office for a day of putting paneling on a house.

Cherie Johnson with BKD Evansville says, “I think it’s really important for businesses to give their employees time to volunteer especially because volunteering is such a key part of our company. So, allowing us a day to come out here and work on Jenny’s house is just really great.”

Johnson says companies that volunteer with Habitat are helping more than just a future homeowner.

“It’s nice to know that we’re getting to have an impact on Jenny’s life, but also this community,” says Johnson.

BKD Evansville summer intern Carly Whitesell says she’s now inspired to do more work for the community.

“I don’t know why I haven’t done it before so I don’t know why it’s taken this long. This will definitely help me, push me to doing it on my own,” says Whitesell.

So whether it’s an individual or a company, volunteers are what keeps Habitat building bridges and homes for the future.

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