Halloween Leftovers Turn to Target Practice


Tri-State gun enthusiasts converge in Warrick County Sunday for an annual shoot targeting a Halloween staple. Do you know what happens when bullet meets pumpkin? Hundreds of pumpkins were on the receiving end of thousands of bullets this afternoon. And you just can’t help but smile when you see what a mess it all makes.

Some of us carve our pumpkins. Some of us make pie. But others just blow them up.

Shooter Mike Winge sums up the day well, “Hold the trigger,” he says.

Every year at this time, the Red Brush Pumpkin Shoot decimates hundreds of Halloween’s leftovers. “It’s kind of a family tradition,” says Winge, “The whole family comes out for it.”

Dozens of area shooters pump nearly 10,000 rounds down range. “Lot of shots fired, really fast. And a lot of pumpkins just kind of vaporized,” says Wesley Unfried says behind a smile.

“It’s awesome. I mean if you’re into firearms, this is kind of the Lamborghini. So there’s nothing like it,” adds Winge.

An array of custom-built guns allow for pin-point accuracy. But the heavy hitters can make your heart skip a beat. A Browning 1917, a Maxim machine gun, and a Vietnam-era M60 highlight the display.

“You see them in movies but to see them in real life is just something different,” says Unfried looking at the powerful firearms.

Unfried’s dad Terry hasn’t been doing this shoot long. But he’s always looking forward to it now, “I got hooked on it about two or three years ago and it is a blast. It is like the epitome of firearm ownership.”

When the ten minute barrage finally stopped, the pumpkin patch was no more. And your ingredients for a Thanksgiving dessert might have a hint of brass.

Of course there is a lot of paperwork you have to go through to own a fully-automatic firearm. It takes federal background checks, an nearly a year’s worth of waiting to to able to own one.

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