HANSON, Ky. (WEHT)- A ribbon cutting for Hanson Elementary School marks the official showcase to the public, after a long-awaited reveal.

Over a year in the making, Hanson is finally ready to welcome students, families, and friends. After two school start delays due to construction, this year’s theme, “embrace the journey”, is right on key.

Hopkins County Board of Education Chairman, Shannon Embry, says, “Even with the delays, like today, it’s kind of like we’re at the finish line where people can actually see what we’ve been working towards. And it’s just an exciting moment for the community”.

The project has revived the energy that circulates the hallways. Hanson Elementary Principal Matt Beshear explains, “The first day that the kids came into the building, just to see the look on their faces, it makes your day because you can just see that they’re excited to be here. It’s a new start for everyone, it’s sort of a rejuvenation for our teachers, just to be in a new building and have new things”.

Aside from the new build itself, the school offers another factor: community safety. Robert Carter, Director of Engagement, Equity, and School Support tells us, “Since 2000, there have been 14 tornados. So now, we have what we would call our first certified community storm shelter, right here”. He explains, “Our main goal is to save lives. We are having the ability to have a location and a facility like this to know that in those moments that will be dangerous, to know that individuals can come here and find a place of refuge and safety….you know, we do for one, what we do for a thousand”.