Harriet Tubman to Appear on $20 Bill

harriet tubman

A U.S. Treasury spokesman says Harriet Tubman is going to replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill.

In replacing the seventh president of the United States, Tubman will become the first woman to be featured on U.S. paper money.

Tubman was an abolitionist and ‘conductor’ on the Underground Railroad.

Last summer, the U.S. Treasury had introduced plans last summer to replace Alexander Hamilton on the $10 bill.

Now, the plan is to issue the new bills by 2020 in honor of the 100th anniversary of women winning the right to vote.

The discussion about putting women on U.S. Currency first gained traction when the Women on 20s campaign took place in May of 2015.

The campaign held a poll asking people to vote on which woman they would want to see on the $20 bill.

Tubman won that poll, followed by Eleanor Roosevelt.

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