WEST SALEM, Ill. (WEHT) – An Illinois family flocked to their sheep pen on Tuesday only to find it wide open and one sheep missing.

Heather Clodfelter Spray says she found the gate wide open with two sheep wandering around. She says she found fresh tracks in their yard that could have belonged to a truck and trailer. What was missing? Her son’s project sheep.

Spray says the stolen sheep is a pregnant Corriedale ewe with a white face and curly wool, with a white ear tag in one ear and a small bronze tag in the other. She says the sheep and her lamb belonged to her son for his first 4-H project to show at next year’s county fair.

The sheep is not common to the area and was possibly taken sometime midday on Tuesday from their property which sits on a state highway. She says it looks very similar to this sheep in the photo below with Spray’s older son.

If anyone has any information on the sheep, please contact Heather Clodfelter Spray at hclod12@hotmail.com.