OWENSBORO, Ky. (WEHT) — Athletic programs are being forced to make unexpected changes due to the weather advisory. The Tristate heat resulted in the cancellation of the Apollo vs. Henderson County’s junior varsity football game.

A spokesperson for Daviess County Public School says tonight’s game change was made for the safety of everyone involved.

“Henderson county made that call tonight. Since they are playing Henderson County. We try to do that with enough time for fans for parents for travel accommodations and everything like that so really just trying to keep our staff our players our students safe with all this heat,” said Maddie McClure.

That decision was based on guidelines outlined by the Kentucky High School Athletic Association’s heat policy.

School officials say to avoid the high temperatures, they’re considering moving Owensboro Highschool’s Bowling Green game on Friday, to 8pm.

According to the KHAA, temperature and humidity should be factored into the index calculation and chart; Testing for heat index should begin 30 minutes prior to practice and continue for every 30 minutes of activity.

When the heat index reaches 95 degrees, additional steps for contact sports and activities are taken– including the removal of protective equipment when not directly involved with competition, drills, or practice. A heat index of 104 results in all outside activities being canceled.

“Everything is kind of fluctuating based on that heat index, and we just monitor it very, very closely to keep our students and our staff safe,” said McClure.

Daviess County school officials say they will begin monitoring for final decisions each day at noon. They’re looking forward as this week of sports progresses.