Henderson Files Mass Foreclosure Suit


Nearly a year after several abandoned houses were demolished across Henderson, city leaders are now working to get the properties back on tax rolls.

A mass foreclosure suit was filed recently on 20 tracts of land.

An empty lot on Helm Street, full of concerns.

“Sometimes, like I said, it gets on up there,” says Dennis Thomas, who lives by one of those lots the city of Henderson wants to foreclose on.

“Whoever has it, I wish they would do something as far as keeping it cut,” he says. “I keep my grass cut, and I like to keep it looking decent. For it to look like that, sometimes it makes you not want to cut your grass and let it grow like that.”

The mass foreclosure focuses on twenty lots across the city, 15 of them had houses torn down, four of those on Helm Street.

“There are other places in Kentucky where it’s a bigger problem, but this is a problem we are seeing, not just statewide, but nationally, where we’ve got properties where people used to live, and they pass away, and their heirs don’t live here,” says Henderson City Attorney Dawn Kelsey. She says they want them sold to get newer houses built, and re-coup costs of tearing older buildings down. It cost more than $30,000 to demolish 15 abandoned or dilapidated buildings last year.

“We’ve got to do something to try to recoup some of that money and make these properties productive again,” says Kelsey.

“At least you wouldn’t have to look at all those things,” adds Thomas. “Someone could be doing something with it.”

City attorneys say they’re not sure when the suit would be resolved by.

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