Henderson Municipal Gas Survey Scheduled for March

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Henderson Municipal Gas is planning to conduct its bi-annual telephone survey in early March.

Calls will begin for the survey on the week of March 6.

Henderson County residents are going to be asked to answer a few ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions over the phone.

The survey’s only expected to take 90 seconds.

Henderson Municipal Gas is going to use the results of the survey to evaluate and improve how safety information is relayed.

Your caller ID will show the call coming from 270-831-2493.

Recognizing Gas Leaks

The survey is expected to be about safety information for events such as natural gas leaks.

You can use your ears, nose, and eyes to recognize a natural gas leak in or around your house.

Here’s some information from Henderson Municipal Gas:

Smell: Henderson Municipal Gas adds an odorant to its gas distribution system to give it an odor similar to rotten eggs.
Hear: You may hear a hissing sound around a gas appliance or a roaring sound near a gas pipeline.
See: Dead vegetation or bubbling water near a gas pipeline.

What to do if you suspect a natural gas leak:

  • Evacuate the area immediately.
  • Do not turn off or on lights or appliances.
  • Do not light a match.
  • Do not use the telephone or cell phone.
  • Do not start or stop any vehicles or equipment.
  • From a safe location call Henderson Municipal Gas at (270) 831-2493 (during normal business hours) or 911.

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