Henderson Neighborhood Standing Against Rezoning with Signs


Take a trip down Henderson’s Constanza drive, and you’ll see signs everywhere.

The signs show the Wolf Hills neighborhood residents’ disdain for the possible rezoning of the former Player’s Club golf course the neighborhood surrounds.

It’s the reason many like Dale Lambdin moved to the neighborhood, but when he moved in November 2014, he was soon met with disappointment.

“You know, you buy a house on the first hole, and then four months later all of the sudden, basically right after that you see a man with a bulldozer pushing the dirt over on the first hole,” Lambdin said.

Now Lambdin has joined the many with signs in their yards, ll against rezoning which would turn about 30 of the almost 165 acres into residential lots.

The rest of it would be farmland.

Some neighbors say their property value has gone down more than 10 percent since the golf course closed, and they’re worried rezoning will continue that trend.

And while you will find the anti-rezoning signs on the corner of many of the yards in the neighborhood, they’re not on every yard.

“We all moved out here because the golf course was here, but because of changing times and the economy, it’s gone, it’s not coming back, you know that’s gone. So people need to move on and understand that somebody has to do something with it,” Dennis Pepper said.

That somebody is Mike Chambers, who is partnered with owner Danny McQueen based out of Lexington.

“What Mr. Chambers wants to do is good for the community, I believe. He’s trying to recover some of his investment, a small portion, and the rest he wants to make agricultural and farm. And there’s nothing wrong with that as far as I’m concerned,” Pepper said.

The anti-rezoning signs aren’t the only ones in the neighborhood, however. You’ll also find a handful of for-sale signs, including the one on Dale Lambdin’s yard. But Lambdin is concerned about his ability to sell.

“Sure, absolutely, absolutely, you know, I mean I got a for-sale, the same day I put a for-sale sign up, this sign goes up, so yeah there is concern.”

People will have a chance to make their voices heard. The Henderson City-County Planning Commission office will consider the rezoning application at a public hearing on August 15th at the Henderson Municipal Center at six PM.

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