HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT)- After being on the transplant list for years, a Henderson woman is looking for a miracle. Emily Skaggs is battling kidney disease, diabetes, and heart failure and desperately needs a kidney.

“I am just praying that somebody matches with me. I wake up, I thank the Lord everyday, and say prayers,” Skaggs says.

Skaggs says she has been fighting the kidney disease since she was 12 years old. Now, she needs a transplant. Before going to bed at night, Skaggs hooks up to a dialysis machine.

“At home every night I hook up to a tube that is in my stomach and I hook up to machine. Every night I cry because I get on my machine and its depressing,” Skaggs says.

Skaggs says she has a lot of breakdowns. But as she waits for a kidney donor, she says her faith and family help her get through it.

“She has an inner strength that is amazing and I think that her faith is the basis of that. I think that bond has been necessary for her to be able to continue because some days are tougher than others,” says Beverly Skaggs.

Skaggs’s grandmother, Beverly and daughter, Aliyah are a big part of her support system. On bad days, Skaggs says her daughter stays by her side.

“I give her medicine and water, and I give her hugs,” Aliyah says.

Skaggs is looking for an O+ kidney. As she waits for the perfect match, Skaggs says she and her family hope their story raises awareness.

“The thing is that we hope people will hear this. They don’t have to be a match for Emily, but they may be a match for someone here in Henderson that is desperate and needs one like she does,” Beverly says.

If you think you may be a match or would like more information, call the Trager Center in Louisville.