HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT)- High Score Saloon levels up! The arcade bar held a soft opening at its new location at 309 Main Street.

The new building offers the bar the chance to expand, allowing for 10 new games, new food items, and more beer options.

The owner of the bar, Clint Hoskins, talked about the chance to open up more locations. 

“To me the biggest thing is that we’ve given our employees a better future. They’re going to get to move up in the company and grow with us, and hopefully be with us for a long time. To me personally, it means that we’ve made it but more so than that it means we have a better footprint for our employees and for our future.”

High Score is also opening a music venue and comedy club on the second floor. The grand opening of the bar will be Friday at 5 p.m.