Hiring expert offers advice for college grads seeking first job


(WEHT) — Since the coronavirus pandemic hit the U.S., the economy has taken a downturn.

Several Americans have lost their jobs, and millions have filed for unemployment.

So what about college graduates who are now entering the workforce?

Eyewitness News spoke with hiring expert Amy Fulmer about what graduates need to know while seeking that first job.


Brandon Bartlett: Amy, thanks so much for being with us tonight. First off, how is the job market right now?

Amy Fulmer: Wow. It’s abysmal. I wish I had some better news to report. It’s unprecedented, and in my 23 years of staffing, I don’t think I’ve seen anything like this. I’m just being honest.

Brandon Bartlett: And a lot of people graduating right now and looking for a job. What are the first steps that they should take when they’re out looking for that job?

Amy Fulmer: Well, first and foremost, it’s a head game at this point. So try not to look at the news. You’ve got to keep your morale high when you’re looking. Number two looking for a job is a full time job. And I don’t think a lot of new grads know that because they haven’t really been through the process. You’ve got to be incredibly organized. You know, have that interview suit ready to go and don’t use it to go you know, eat tacos because you’ll spill on it. Keep your cell phone charged, you could get a call out of the blue, you’ve almost got to be ready to go at a moment’s notice. Of course, you need your resume, in tip top order. And if you don’t know how to format it, there’s many online free resources you can use. So you know, get ready to roll up your sleeves and be busy.

Brandon Bartlett: Yeah, and with everything going on right now many people would probably assume that this is not a good time to look for a job is it?

Amy Fulmer: Well, I disagree. I take the contrarian attitude because I’ve been through this. This is my fourth cycle at this point of downturns and disasters in my career, and what I’ve always found is somebody always finds their dream job just when things look bleak. It doesn’t mean that you keep your head in the sand and you pretend that nothing’s wrong, but there’s a job for everybody. But the other good thing is out of a crisis comes new opportunities. And I believe we’re in one of those transitions right now. And so I think there’s going to be lots of new jobs, the landscape is changing. And this is actually, I think, a great time to be entering into the workforce.

Brandon Bartlett: Well, that’s good to know. What insight could you give us, what industries are hiring right now?

Amy Fulmer: Well, I’m very high on blockchain, cryptocurrency, distributed ledger technologies, smart contracts, you know, all things tech are going to be huge. But the other thing too is don’t discount an opportunity that could come out of left field. Like for an example, what you and I are doing now via Zoom. Let’s say there was some remote tech support customer service type job, that they want remote workers from home, you’re going to start to see a lot of those opportunities. Step up, and of course, young people are so tech savvy. You know, I fight with my computer to get it going on the Zoom. So you know, it’s a miracle I’m here. But for the young people, it’s easy for them. So, you know, expect the unexpected.

Brandon Bartlett: Let’s talk a little bit about networking. How important is that right now?

Amy Fulmer: Oh, it’s critical, absolutely critical. And what I was also going to tell your viewers do not discount, an opportunity to do an internship. I know that that’s not in vogue. I understand everyone pays for college, they want to get out and get that big, fat paycheck. But I have seen some of the most impressive displays of job opportunities come through an internship. So if you’re networking and you find someone that’s wants a part time intern while you’re looking, take it, take it. The other thing is be very organized in your job search. If you go to the job boards, which I highly encourage and you’re using ZipRecruiter, or you’re going to Monster or Craigslist, keep a documentation of the recruiters you speak with. Be very specific, because there are ownership laws that can come into play and if you don’t have the documentation, it could come back to be a problem.

Brandon Bartlett: What websites would you recommend that we use to look for a job?

Amy Fulmer: I’m a fan of ZipRecruiter for new candidates. I’m a fan of Monster. For people that have a little bit more experience, Indeed is amazing, Glassdoor is amazing. But like let’s say you’re into the trades, trades is a great place to be if you’re a plumber, if you’re an electrician, if you just got your HVAC engineers license, you know, check out Craigslist. A lot of these sites repopulate as well, which is really good. So if you go on one, you can get cross posted on another. But don’t discount job boards because they work.

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